Tour packages comprise of pickup from various hotels and cruise ships to the ATV site and back. Upon arrival they will be welcomed by the tour guide who would then briefly highlight the necessary instructions and use of safety gear. The lead tour guide would then head out with the group from the site to various parts of the estates along with additional tour guides as numbers permit, for a two hour period. On this tour they will experience riding on all terrain vehicles through St. Lucia’s most beautiful, lush and mountainous banana, coconut and citrus plantation and finally there is an unimaginable panoramic view of the Atlantic on our North east coast.


  1. No drinking, smoking or drug use at any time.

  2. Helmets must be worn at all times on the bikes.

  3. A waiver must be signed before tour participation.

  4. No overtaking of the bikes at any time.

  5. A person suffering with back problem, or reduced mobility or is pregnant or has heart and or respiratory problems should not participate in the tour.

  6. Weight restrictions-for riders on a shared bike, total weight cannot exceed 400 pounds.

  7. Riders must keep a minimum distance of 2 yards/meters from the bike immediately in front of them.


Moonlight Rides

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ATV Tour

Rates: USD $110 per bike. Inclusive of transfers to and from location in the North. Shared bikes are $160 inclusive of transfers. Weight not to exceed 350. Restrictions: Must be 16 or older to drive an ATV Quad. Children under 8 years old are not allowed on this activity. Children must be accompanied by an […]


ATV Beach Lime Combo Tour

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